SouthWind Deck Boats For Your Perfect Day On The Water

From the stylish SportDeck Series to our H-Series and V-Series CrossDecks, you’ll find a SouthWind Deck Boat that is just perfect for whatever your day on the water may look like. High performing, deep-V, fiberglass hulls and plenty of comfortable seating and amenities on deck, make SouthWind Deck Boats perfect for family fun on the water.

All SouthWind Deck Boats are built to exacting standards using top quality materials, from premium marine-grade vinyl upholstery and salt water friendly hardware to the latest in LED lighting and high definition gel coats. With models from 20 to 26 feet, SouthWind has a full line-up of premium built, dependable, stylish, deck boat options.

100 Percent Wood-Free Composite Construction

Water and wood don’t mix well. At SouthWind, we believe wood in boat building is a thing of the past. That’s why SouthWind uses only the latest, strongest composite materials available in building our deck boats. Not only are SouthWind hulls and decks wood-free, but all seating and storage areas are as well. We spend the extra time and money to finish out all compartments with durable fiberglass, giving our deck boats more longevity and making them easier to clean and maintain.

The Outboard Advantage

Each SouthWind Deck Boat is powered by highly efficient outboard motors known for their reliability, ease of ownership, low cost of maintenance, and ease of winterization. Dependable 4-stroke outboards and direct injected technology also have better power to weight ratios and draft less water than stern drives or inboards, making them safer to operate, more economical to maintain, and dramatically quieter while operating. When it comes to operating in a saltwater environment outboards hold up far better than stern drives.

Advanced Deep V-Hull

SouthWind Deck Boats have the most current and aggressive hull designs in their class, helping them ride more like an offshore boat than a deck boat. While you may not always be in rough conditions, isn’t it nice to know that your hull is designed for it? When you compare SouthWind Deck Boats to the competition take a look at the depth of the hull, the height of the sides, where the water line sits, the aggressive deadrise, and you will see that There Is A Difference.

Quality Starts On The Inside

There are many ways to take shortcuts in the boat building process, especially on the inside where most people will never look, but at SouthWind quality is built in from the start. Every structural stringer grid is foam filled for added safety and our hulls and decks are reinforced with Kevlar®, which adds strength and reduces weight. The transoms used on SouthWinds are a high density foam material glassed and bonded to the hull for added strength. Our decks are constructed with Nida Core material to provide a lighter stronger material that will never rot.

A 30-Year History Of Excellence

SouthWind Deck Boats are manufactured by the Seminole Marine Group, an independent family-owned company, originally founded in 1986, to build the CSI award-winning Sailfish line of offshore fishing boats. Just as Sailfish went on to become one of the nation’s most popular offshore fishing boat brands, SouthWind is today the fastest growing deck boat line in America. Applying what has been learned over the past 30 years, we make every SouthWind Deck Boat saltwater tough – designed to withstand the rigors of a harsh saltwater environment and provide years of hassle-free enjoyment in all boating conditions.